Digital File FAQ's

Please read each file description carefully before purchasing. We cannot be liable for purchases that are of the wrong format. As of 9-1-12 all files have a two letter ending description of either DS or CF
DS indicates a Digital Stamp and 
CF indicates an electronic die cut file. This is to help distinguish between the two file types. Often a file is created in both formats. Unfortunately due to the nature of these products there is a no refund or exchange policy. 
We typically will create them in the following formats:
AI, DXF, EPS, GSD, JPG, KNK, SVG, WPC and (sometimes) PDF.
* Cricut users: in order to use these files you will need to have at least the Cricut Explore that works with their Design Space Software. Use of the Original, Cake or Expression would require a third party software that Cricut does not support. So there is no guarantee of compatibility.
As of 10-11 any new files created will be in both PRE-COLORED and Black and White Line Art. They will be in JPG and PNG formats with some occasionally in PDF format.
Please note: Our files will be sent via email for immediate download upon cleared payment. They will be available in zipped folders.  ALL Our files carry a limited Terms of Use (TOU). All cutting, digital, FREE and or  printable and downloadable files or stamps are offered for personal use only with all rights reserved.   Please read our Terms of Use (TOU) thoroughly BEFORE purchasing. Your purchase of any of our files constitutes FULLCOMPLETE and BINDING acceptance of our Terms.
Electronic Die Cutting File Format Definitions
AI- Adobe Illustrator file format.
DXF - AUTOCAD - Drawing Exchange File format.
These two file formats are typically used by electronic die cutting machine owners to convert a file into a compatible file format for their specific cutter.
SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics. This file format is most commonly used by Cricut machine owners. You MUST use these files in conjunction with a third party software in order to use your Cricut. There are currently two software programs on the market that allow for this.  Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) or Fairy Cut.  Please see my Cricut and Cutting File Page for more details.
GSD- Graphtec Data file format. This is a proprietary file format created by Graphtech. This file format is most commonly associated with Craftrobo, Wishblade and Silhouette electronic die cutting machines.
KNK - Klic n' Kut file format. This is a proprietary file format as well. This file format is most commonly associated with the Klic n' Kut die cutting machines.
WPC - This is another proprietary file format. Created by Signmaxx and most commonly associated with the Pazzles and Gazelle die cutting machines.
MTC - This is a proprietary file format as well. It is specific to the Make The Cut software. This software program currently supports the following machine types
  • Black Cat Cougar and Lynx
  • Boss Kut Gazelle
  • USCutters MH/LaserPoint Series
  • Craftwell eCraft
  • Any cutter machines that support HPGL printing (Craft ROBO, Silhouette, etc)
  • And many more to come in the near future :)
Please note: This is a list of the different file types we supply our cutting files in. This is a most commonly used listing. There are different versions of these different software programs. These allow greater cross platform compatibility. Please be sure to verify which cutting machine and which software you have to ensure compatibility with our files.
Digital or Printable Stamp File Format Definitions
PNG - Refers to Portable Network Graphics. This file type is most commonly used by digital scrapbookers. They are files with a "transparent" background. Making the use of "layers" technology within their chosen software programs easy.
JPG - Refers to Joint Photographic Experts Group file format. This is the most commonly associated file format type for photographs. Most all software will recognize this file format as a raster-photographic file.
PDF- Refers to a Portable Document File format. This is most commonly associated with Adobe reader and or other software allowing you to open documents across platforms.

 Before purchasing any of our files, be sure to check for compatibility with your system. Due to the nature of these products, there is a no refund or exchange policy. Please download one of our free files to try first.



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