All files will be sent via automated email which will contain a link to download your purchases upon successful completion of your payment. If you do not receive your link within an hour, please feel free to contact me directly at sales @ (remove spaces) with your order number and I can resend the link. Please note, links typically expire withing 72 hours. Downloading your purchases immediately is highly recommended. 
Unfortunately due to shopping cart system restraints we are unable to keep a list of files and detailed purchases beyond 10 days. Please be sure to download your purchases and put the files in a safe place for storage. We cannot be responsible for storing and or re-sending files in the event of a computer crash or other system failure you may encounter.
Please read each file description carefully before purchasing. We cannot be liable for purchases that are of the wrong format. As of 9-1-12 all files have a two letter ending description of either 
DS, DSb, CF or CFb
DS or DSb indicates a Digital Stamp or Printable File 
typically .png and or .jpg file formats
CF or CFb indicates an electronic die cut file. This is to help distinguish between the two file types. Often a file is created in both formats. Unfortunately due to the nature of these products there is a no refund or exchange policy. 
A Note About our Cut Files 
And Cross Platform Compatibility
Please see each file for individual file format availability. Please note: We do our best to keep up with the changing technologies and software and software updates withing the "Craft Cutter Community". However we cannot ensure that each file will be absolutely compatible with your operating system and cutter. Please know we will do our very best to make sure the files work on your system and will work diligently to help figure out any "bugs". Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for any incompatibilities.